The Great Khorvaire Expedition

Why would a druid prep healing spells?

__After returning to Vedykar, the Party had Large reincarnated as a troglodite and found a Druid named Zaira. After spending the money the got from selling the booty in town (you know what I mean), they returned to the second basement level despite Large being unconscious. After clobbering a slew of skeletons, the waited for Large to regain consciousness and used the doorway to their benefit. Running immediately into the next room, the group was confronted by two zombie Minotaurs. With much slashing, a few close calls, a near dead Large, and a cleric-druid healing combo (and no more healing spells), they camped the night to recover spells and health. They await the next floor pursuing the treasure deep inside, waking up to find that Den has disappeared.


Merari Merari

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