The Great Khorvaire Expedition

Finding Solace

__After gathering the gold found in the holes and holds of the tribute traders, the party moved on to Lakeside, the home of Yirui. After finding out about the recent provisions and bodyguard purchased in town, the party spent the night preparing to set out towards the Dwarven city in the mountains. On approach to the mountains through the northern pass, Avega noticed a moving shape in the rock above them. As they made the last turn to the mountain’s entrance, the party was set upon by a group of bugbears and goblins. After many a javelin pierced the party, the bugbears approached for close combat, which ended fatally. After having shot, pierced, cut, and sat on the enemy, the party pushed in the mountain in pursuit of their evil quarry.

__Once entering the cave, they came to a turn in the path with a large stone plate blocking a straight path. With dwarven markings inscribed, Lucius deciphered the foreign language. After some conversing the door opened and the party chose the quicker path through the mountain. After two days of riding, they came to the city when night should have been falling. After inquiring with the guards and civilians, they assessed the Solace and Morrin had not yet arrived. They set out in the morning to set a trap for the other wagon.

__Despite the horses not hitting any of the caltrops placed for them, Devin and a horse were sent to sleep while a battle with the party and Solace and Morrin continued. With Morrin bleeding and Solace stable, they commandeered the wagon and horses and traveled back the Lakeside where they dropped Devin back in town. The group now stands outside of Irontown deliberating about how to best gain their rewards.

Linguistic Correction

{(EDIT) You are free to read my posting. This was written before any further searches (like one more). It appears that this claim is a fringe belief that doesn’t take much of the evidence into account. The Guardian article later on pretty much sums up the matter. I’m more convinced by the idea that ancients only reading aloud is a misinterpretation. I apologize for furthering this bunk. It was a passing comment in a Theology class. meh.

__I just got done researching the theory that reading silently was a novel idea. My dating was incorrect. The earliest instance of this was around 400 A.D. with St. Augustine talking about watching his friend read silently. For one, the theory is pretty cool, but I’ve not done much searching into the overall acceptance of it.

__Anyway, this makes my point moot about not being able to read silently. I will assume that anyone that started the campaign with literacy (not Large) will be able to read silently. This is not to say that spell can be whispered or silently spoken without the silent spell being involved, not that there is any previous instance that I am talking about.

__I just wanted to clarify my previous comment. If you’re interested in reading a little about it. Here is a link that might be useful. I cannot speak of its validity though. Take it with a grain of salt. (this is possibly a section of the dissertation of a student) (an article from the guardian contradicting this theory)

Session 1: Seeking Solace

__Finding themselves in Korth, the party meets each other outside of the mayor’s manor after receiving an assignment to restore taxation from Irontown. While outside, they noticed a steady flow of golden items falling from an open window. Solace slid down from the window into the wagon.

__The party chased the cart running out of town. With arrows and bolts flying forth, the thieves sustained some damage. After a very close encounter, Avega was thrown from the wagon to bleed, and the party delayed the chase.

__Taking advantage of the presence of a wagon, a cleric, and the similar direction that both of their goals pointed, they followed the road to Irontown (not before ensuring reward for returning the gold).

__After seven days riding and a late-night assault from bugbears, the party arrived in Irontown and quickly found Tom, the man in charge of tribute. After questioning the now-pale-faced Tom, the split up and had a member follow Tom about to know his possible plans. After following Tom’s companions from the tavern, a weapons cache was found and the stores of money were located. All that was left was to catch the culprits in the act.

__Using Yirei’s information from the night before, the party (short of Credo and Lucius), waited at the expected location for the ambush. Grass and blood flew in the weedy locale, leaving six sleeping bandits. After interrogation, Den and Large uncovered the basic scheme of selling the tribute to another town and keeping the gold in the town itself. In the conclusion, the remaining bandits were beheaded.

__During the night, the gold was gathered and stored into the wagon. The party learned of Solace’s recent movement to the North, where they expect to pursue their quarry.

Introduction and Info

Welcome chosen. I’ll be relating what Information I can share at this moment.

Starting level: 2

Map: Khorvaire

Surrounding Politics: undecided (not necessarily by the book)

Races: Possibly non-core, check it with me.

Stats: No point buy. Roll the stats: 7-sets of 4d6, take the highest 3 in each set. Drop the lowest set. Acceptable stats will end with a modifier total between 4 and 10 (lowest is 5, highest is 9) (this is before race modifiers are applied). If you get a modifier total outside of this range, reroll.

Starting gold: 450 gp

I’m also trying to work out a time that may work for people. So far, I’ve thought of 10 AM Saturday or Sunday or even 6:30 PM Saturday evening.

Based on my GRE test on the 17th, the Ren Fair, and my wife and I going to Traverse city, I’m thinking it will be one month before we will be able to start, This may change though.
Potentially, we could start the night of the 17th, but we still need to pin down a time. I will be trying to get together with the party members individually next weekend, though.

If you have any questions or character concepts, please email me so we can see which way this can best be done.

Please leave comments on any ideas that you have. :)

P.S. Address apt. 102 3305 Pinemeadow Dr., Kentwood


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