The Great Khorvaire Expedition

Introduction and Info

Welcome chosen. I’ll be relating what Information I can share at this moment.

Starting level: 2

Map: Khorvaire

Surrounding Politics: undecided (not necessarily by the book)

Races: Possibly non-core, check it with me.

Stats: No point buy. Roll the stats: 7-sets of 4d6, take the highest 3 in each set. Drop the lowest set. Acceptable stats will end with a modifier total between 4 and 10 (lowest is 5, highest is 9) (this is before race modifiers are applied). If you get a modifier total outside of this range, reroll.

Starting gold: 450 gp

I’m also trying to work out a time that may work for people. So far, I’ve thought of 10 AM Saturday or Sunday or even 6:30 PM Saturday evening.

Based on my GRE test on the 17th, the Ren Fair, and my wife and I going to Traverse city, I’m thinking it will be one month before we will be able to start, This may change though.
Potentially, we could start the night of the 17th, but we still need to pin down a time. I will be trying to get together with the party members individually next weekend, though.

If you have any questions or character concepts, please email me so we can see which way this can best be done.

Please leave comments on any ideas that you have. :)

P.S. Address apt. 102 3305 Pinemeadow Dr., Kentwood


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