The Great Khorvaire Expedition

Session 1: Seeking Solace

__Finding themselves in Korth, the party meets each other outside of the mayor’s manor after receiving an assignment to restore taxation from Irontown. While outside, they noticed a steady flow of golden items falling from an open window. Solace slid down from the window into the wagon.

__The party chased the cart running out of town. With arrows and bolts flying forth, the thieves sustained some damage. After a very close encounter, Avega was thrown from the wagon to bleed, and the party delayed the chase.

__Taking advantage of the presence of a wagon, a cleric, and the similar direction that both of their goals pointed, they followed the road to Irontown (not before ensuring reward for returning the gold).

__After seven days riding and a late-night assault from bugbears, the party arrived in Irontown and quickly found Tom, the man in charge of tribute. After questioning the now-pale-faced Tom, the split up and had a member follow Tom about to know his possible plans. After following Tom’s companions from the tavern, a weapons cache was found and the stores of money were located. All that was left was to catch the culprits in the act.

__Using Yirei’s information from the night before, the party (short of Credo and Lucius), waited at the expected location for the ambush. Grass and blood flew in the weedy locale, leaving six sleeping bandits. After interrogation, Den and Large uncovered the basic scheme of selling the tribute to another town and keeping the gold in the town itself. In the conclusion, the remaining bandits were beheaded.

__During the night, the gold was gathered and stored into the wagon. The party learned of Solace’s recent movement to the North, where they expect to pursue their quarry.


Merari Merari

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