The Great Khorvaire Expedition

Money Earned, Something Ventured

__After gathering Duran from Irontown to guarantee the payment upon entrance to Korth, the party traveled an uneventful path, using both wagons to keep the less presentable party members from scaring Duran from helping. While in Korth, the party got paid and executed Solace. While in the mayors residence, they found the adventurer’s bulletin board which had, among other missions, the warrant with the braggers sheets still attatched for the clearance of Fort Bones.
__Large and Ave went into the city to find the Dragon’s Claw gang to try to join them. They were told that they’d have to prove themselves in a battle. After finding out about when and where, they grouped up and prepared for tomorrows turf war. Since the slaughter didn’t impress the gang much, they were not made members just yet. Further work with the Dragon’s Claw may be in store.
__Now on the road, they head south to return a wagon and make their deathly enterprise.


Merari Merari

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