The Great Khorvaire Expedition

Linguistic Correction

{(EDIT) You are free to read my posting. This was written before any further searches (like one more). It appears that this claim is a fringe belief that doesn’t take much of the evidence into account. The Guardian article later on pretty much sums up the matter. I’m more convinced by the idea that ancients only reading aloud is a misinterpretation. I apologize for furthering this bunk. It was a passing comment in a Theology class. meh.

__I just got done researching the theory that reading silently was a novel idea. My dating was incorrect. The earliest instance of this was around 400 A.D. with St. Augustine talking about watching his friend read silently. For one, the theory is pretty cool, but I’ve not done much searching into the overall acceptance of it.

__Anyway, this makes my point moot about not being able to read silently. I will assume that anyone that started the campaign with literacy (not Large) will be able to read silently. This is not to say that spell can be whispered or silently spoken without the silent spell being involved, not that there is any previous instance that I am talking about.

__I just wanted to clarify my previous comment. If you’re interested in reading a little about it. Here is a link that might be useful. I cannot speak of its validity though. Take it with a grain of salt. (this is possibly a section of the dissertation of a student) (an article from the guardian contradicting this theory)


Merari Merari

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