The Great Khorvaire Expedition

It Tolls For Thee

__The party traveled to Fort Bones, though Den stayed behind. Sneaking close enough, they turn-bombed the undead archers through the arrow-slits in the walls. After entering and clearing the first floor, they ran upstairs and continued to bash the undead into a fine powder. Using the benefits of a large sized Large, the group was unstoppable and crushed all in their path. On the second day, they progressed down to the first basement level of the fort. After punishing skeletons in the bottom of a pit, they crushed more skeletons and a few wolves.
__Once turning a corner, they saw two zombified Ogres that ran and began smacking with enormous strength. After valiantly slashing one down, Yirui was hit for the second time and was crushed to the floor by the enormous club. Raging, Large attacked all the more fiercely to save his compatriots, but sadly suffered the same fate. Using the wonders of magic while Avega was unconscious, Credo and Lucius felled the final zombie before gathering up the party, bodies, and goods to return to Vulyar. The party laid Yirui to rest and sought a druid to raise Large from the dead to revenge himself on the lifeless dealers of death.


Merari Merari

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