The Great Khorvaire Expedition

Fort Bones Tales

__The great cleric of Pelor Duscheval fought a holy war against the lich Valoren. In the war, Valoren overtook the fort and transformed all within into his undead minions by wielding the power of the full moon. Deep within, a great wyvern defended his solid gold phylactery.
__After learning of the phylactery’s location from Pelor, Duscheval forced his way passed the defenses and pierced into the depths of the fort. Upon reaching the bottom floor exhausted, Duscheval fought Valoren and his wyvern. His weapon sundered, Duscheval grabbed the nearest object he could find and imbued his might and good into it, weakening himself near death but forging death’s anathema.
__With Valoren’s form crumbling to the floor in front of him, Duscheval thrust his weapon through the phylactery. The gold parted with quicksilver oozing from the opening, and its liquid contents poured to the ground. Just as victory was achieved, the wyvern’s stinger plunged through Duscheval’s chest, and he fell dead before he could cleanse the fort. As the mercury spilled to the ground, Valoren’s hope of eternal life seeped away, but the great evil within cursed the ground to yield undeath.
__The dead poured from the fort until the remaining clerics of Pelor were able to ward the area. All know Duscheval’s mission is not yet over and that his weapon is still on the ground near the phylactery awaiting the final strike.


Merari Merari

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