The Great Khorvaire Expedition

Finding Solace

__After gathering the gold found in the holes and holds of the tribute traders, the party moved on to Lakeside, the home of Yirui. After finding out about the recent provisions and bodyguard purchased in town, the party spent the night preparing to set out towards the Dwarven city in the mountains. On approach to the mountains through the northern pass, Avega noticed a moving shape in the rock above them. As they made the last turn to the mountain’s entrance, the party was set upon by a group of bugbears and goblins. After many a javelin pierced the party, the bugbears approached for close combat, which ended fatally. After having shot, pierced, cut, and sat on the enemy, the party pushed in the mountain in pursuit of their evil quarry.

__Once entering the cave, they came to a turn in the path with a large stone plate blocking a straight path. With dwarven markings inscribed, Lucius deciphered the foreign language. After some conversing the door opened and the party chose the quicker path through the mountain. After two days of riding, they came to the city when night should have been falling. After inquiring with the guards and civilians, they assessed the Solace and Morrin had not yet arrived. They set out in the morning to set a trap for the other wagon.

__Despite the horses not hitting any of the caltrops placed for them, Devin and a horse were sent to sleep while a battle with the party and Solace and Morrin continued. With Morrin bleeding and Solace stable, they commandeered the wagon and horses and traveled back the Lakeside where they dropped Devin back in town. The group now stands outside of Irontown deliberating about how to best gain their rewards.


Merari Merari

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