The Great Khorvaire Expedition

A little bit of this, kick a little ass

__Bashing their way past the many skeletons on their way, the party reached the base level of the fort. Seeing the skeletal wyvern with the glowing tail, they threw Large at it while Credo tried to get to the haft stuck in the ground. Large became pierced on the tail but also smashed the remnants of Dusheval’s reanimated corpse into the draconic calcium deposit he was compelled to ride on. Before the shovel that was revealed from Credo pulling the haft out of the phylactery could be used, the party demolished the undead. The desecrated ground was cleansed by the shovel, and wounds were healed using its power.
__Moving on, the party left its new home-base and traveled east to the strange lake. With the use of water-walking rings and the licking of stones, they entered the complex beneath the central island’s tree. Once inside, they snuck about trying to attract as little harpy attention. Following the footprints left over, they found the nest of the wandering Bullette which held a magical artifact causing the magical mutation of beasts inside.
__After running as hard as they could from the enraged beast,they escaped up the ramps and left the complex only to use their resources to make an entrance through the glass walls. The forthcoming deluge of water left nothing alive inside. And there was much rejoicing.
__Returning to town, a messenger came to them with an invitation to the Dragon’s Claw. They traveled to Korth and met Trod, the underboss of Tram the leader of the Dragon’s Claw. They broke into a house owned by the north, killed strategists, and stole plans. Trod wants the group to meet Tarim in his bar and give him a message for Beck, leader of the North.


Merari Merari

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